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Tyrrel Consulting is an established Business and Management Consultancy offering innovative and practical support to Businesses. The Company is based in the East Midlands (Lincolnshire) and provides a service to businesses throughout the UK. But why use a Management Consultant at all, after all most businesses have the skills and expertise they need within their own staff and management?

  • It saves you time – the big advantage of using a Consultant is that we have the time to dedicate to a project or initiative without being sidetracked by operational issues. We can deliver results quickly leaving you and your team free to get on with running your business.
  • It reduces stress – engaging a Consultant allows you to delegate some responsibility and rest assured in the knowledge that results will be delivered on time and that you will be updated and consulted throughout. It also removes the worry and inconvenience of missed deadlines or lack of action.
  • Increased profits – Simplicity and efficiency are always at the heart of what we do, whether developing standard documentation, exploring new market sectors, mentoring and coaching or implementing Lean manufacturing. This approach ensures that waste is minimised and opportunities maximised resulting in more profitable businesses.
  • Not as expensive as you might think – The cost of our services can often be partially covered by a grant which we can help you to secure. Our aim is to ensure that our services pay for themselves very quickly through efficiencies or increased sales. The legacy of the training and knowledge transfer we leave continues to deliver benefits in the longer term.
  • Flexibility – You gain a new member of the team but only pay for the time you use. A Consultant can be used in peak periods to run projects or manage change when everyone else is engaged in daily business. We have a wide range of services so can be called upon for everything from organisational restructures and strategy review to development of standard documentation and tender responses.
  • No politics, no history! – We bring extensive knowledge and expertise from many business sectors and will use this experience and information to work with you to achieve your goals. We offer an independent and practical perspective unencumbered by internal politics or history.

Our customer focused mission is to become a trusted partner to our clients by always delivering on time results to the clients’ specification and by operating with honesty and integrity. The service we offer is designed around each client’s individual needs so please contact us to discuss how we can help.

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